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When you enter Action Star the school that you represent will be listed here. The club gets free advertising and raises it's profile in the communty as a school that develops action stars for TV / Film industry.



Peter Mylonas was awarded his 7th Dan, Kancho and Renshi Title by multiple Karate instructors headed by Soeno Yoshiji, Kancho of Shidokan, John Taylor, Hanshi of IKO Matsushima, Johannes Wong, Kancho Meibukan Goju Ryu Okinawa and Australia, Doug Turnbull, Shihan IFK Kyokushin and his very own sensei Bob Wright, Sensei Black Dragon Kempo.

He is possibly the youngest and the only one to have such an honour bestowed on him from various heads/representatives of styles - the industry has spoken about his ability and commitment to Budo.

He teaches at his Hombu Dojo in Sydney and oversees the Kempo Ryu organisation alongside his dedicated Black Belts. He has built Kempo Ryu as one of the most respected Karate organisations in Australia and now spreading this reputation in various parts of the world, namely Japan.

Kancho Mylonas is one of the few Karate men that is invited to many numerous styles’ events and multi styles events as a tournament referee & instructor. Known as Australia’s leading referee he is asked to act as a senior referee/judge at Full Contact and Non contact events.

He is also a leading figure when it comes to promoting tournaments, using his years as a Australian Karate Champion (in the late 80’s) in developing strong athletes and referees for the future. Peter Mylonas will been seen in various Australian states leading the AMAC organisation, ensuring standards are meet and service is provided to all clubs, coaches and athletes of all organisations. As President of AMAC his role is to ensure the true meaning of what tournaments should be about - to develop students into Martial Arts athletes.

Kempo Ryu International Karate Organisation PO Box 424 Earlwood NSW 2206 Australia Email: Telephone: 61 2 9831 7549


Doug Turnbull 6th Dan Kyokushin Black Belt - Shihan grade Australia's highest graded IFK Kyokushin Black Belt Instructor Karate training since 1970 Former Australian Karate Champion Vice President of WMAC (World Martial Arts Championships) Chairman of AMAC (Australian Martial Arts Championships) International Judge/Referee (Class A)

Doug Turnbull started training in Kyokushin in 1970 under the then Sensei John Taylor (now 9th Dan) . While part of the Australian Kyokushin Karate Association (AKKA), which was affiliated with the IKO in Japan, he attained shodan (1st Dan) in 1975, nidan (2nd Dan) in 1980, sandan (3rd Dan) in 1985, yondan (4th Dan) in 1990. In 1995, after Mas Oyama's passing and because of the political turmoil in Japanese Kyokushin, he joined Hanshi Steve Arneil's UK based International Federation of Karate, and shortly after took over the role as the chairman of the Australian branch, the International Federation of Karate Kyokushinkai Australia Inc. (IFKKA). In 1996 he was awarded godan (5th Dan) by Hanshi Arneil, and in 2006 Hanshi Arneil promoted him to Rokudan (6th Dan).

He participated in almost all major Australian Kyokushin tournaments as a judge and/or referee between 1981 and 1995, and in all the national training camps between and including 1983-1993.

In 1997, after joining the IFK, he was a referee at the finals of the 1st IFK World Championships in Moscow, and in 2005 he also refereed at the 3rd IFK World Championships in London and the Junior World Tournament in Greece in 2015.

He has been teaching karate since 1976, and founded his own dojo in Marrickville in 1982 at which he still teaches, though in 2005 it moved location to Tempe Public School.

He attained an International Referee's certificate, which is for full-contact kumite, is accredited for clicker sparring and non-contact kumite, including mirror judging, Kyokushin kata judging, and, while the Federation of Australian Karatedo Organisations (FAKO) still existed, had a "C" level FAKO accreditation as a judge. (The organisation has since been restructured and renamed as the AKF (Australian Karate Federation).

Call: 0414 600 439





GLENN COXON, MARTIAL ARTS MASTER: I've been practising martial arts now for five decades. I have black belts in a number of different styles. It's such a big part of my life.

COMMENTATOR (2005): Just look at the man in action, the double-handed chopping action. He needs to break 315 to get the record. A black belt in over four disciplines. One last effort - three, two, one. The time's up. That's it. The most pine boards broken in one minute.

GLENN COXON: My current record stands at 359 boards. I was planning to have another crack at the world record for November last year, 2014. Then unfortunately, August, I was diagnosed with cancer. It was what's called stage four cancer. Stage four cancer is pretty much (makes hand movement of knife slitting throat) it's just about over.

Glenn Coxon - Executive Defence Phone:02 9552 3554 Phone:0414 523 553




Martial Arts Practitioner Trung Ly was part of a non-profit organisation Dong Tam Association for over 20 years helping and teaching young Vietnamese Australians their the culture and the martial arts ways in which honor, respect and righteousness is the essence of the culture. He transformed the Dong Tam Lion Dance school into one of the largest Vietnamese Lion Dance groups in the south west region of Sydney. He is the founder of Dong Thanh Alliance Martial Arts centre based in Chipping Norton N.S.W. The school has been described as "A catalyst for cultural diversity that brings traditional development and modern techniques to the table".

Fight Choreographer/ Action Director In 2013 Trung Ly as a fight choreographer team up with Maria Tran and Adrian Castro made a action comedy short called Enter The Dojo, Gaffa and followed by award winning Hit Girls which won 2 Action On Film Festival awards in L.A. Ly went on to make 2 films with director Antony Szeto Fist Of The Dragon and Death Mist as a fight action choreographer and action camera operator.

Ly takes pride in he's action story "To create the story within the action and build the character through non-verbal means, it’s usually done not only for one action sequence, but to help build the character throughout the whole film. So the character’s ‘action continuity’ is very important for me. Devising safe and exciting action requires training in a way that has an assessment andreassessment component that needs to be regularly updated."

One of the unsung heroes of the silver screen, Trung Ly plies his trade working on sets around the world choreographing stunts and fight scenes. While also juggling his commitments as a martial arts instructor at Dong Tam Martial Arts in Sydney’s western suburbs, Ly has spent the past few months working on the set of upcoming Aussie martial arts-themed comedy series Maximum Choppage.

Fresh off the ABC2 show’s final day of filming, he took time to chat to Blitz about his work, his vision and the antics on the set of Australia’s first ever kung fu comedy.

Trung Ly: Professional fight choreographer!form__map/c24vq!about/csdx

     Colin Handley

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