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Frequently Asked Questions - Action Star Competition


Who can enter? 

  • Action Star 2017 is open to all Male & Female performers aged 15 years and over. For purposes of clarity, you must be at least 15 years or over at some stage during 2017.
  • The competition is NOT part of the WMAC or AMAC martial arts competition as it is a standalone competition and TV production and is open to all members of the public. 

Who are you looking for? 

This competition is NOT just for martial artists. We are looking for anyone who is fit, healthy and agile enough to demonstrate their ability to deliver on the requirements of a real-life Action Star. 

As such the show is looking for people from the following backgrounds (but not limited to): 

  • Martial Arts
  • Fitness/Gym athletes
  • Dance performers
  • Performing Arts performers 

What are you looking for in my performance and the TV show? 

  • Great question! Please see the section on Judging Criteria on the ‘Enter’ page under ‘Competition’ This includes the overarching judging criteria as provided by one of the chief judges.
  • We want to see what you have to offer the action film industry which can include for example:
  • A choreographed fight action scene with you as the ‘LEAD’ and up to 4 other support actors as part of your team. Only ONE person would be the star and potential winner. However, your team can enter multiple times with different participants playing the actual ‘Lead’ actor
  • You may perform as a single person performing a martial arts form or weapons demonstration however you would also need to incorporate someone to demonstrate with you your ability to act and re-act to a confrontational or action scene so the Judges can score you on your acting (See judging criteria)
  • Your performance may also include some singing, dancing, comedy or other stunt demonstration to highlight your overall talents. If you want to use a sound system you would need to supply your own system (Round 1 Auditions only) and be cued ready to go at the start of your performance. You may choose to have someone to assist you with this (they do not count as part of your team)
  • Your performance has a time limit of 3 minutes
  • Following the State wide the audition level competitions Semi-finalists heading to Sydney will be offered additional choreography support to refine your performance (in the interest of the TV show offering great talent) 

Can I use props to support my performance? 

  • Yes, you can use props within reason; as long as nothing has the potential to damage to competition/stage surface as they may be either rubberised jigsaw safety mats or polished floor and could be damaged by weapons or other materials such as rough shoes. Hence NO shoes are allowed on the mat surface (if you are using the mats)
  • As safety is also paramount, you must not lose control of any weapons or props during the performance.
  • You may also use items such as music and costume/make-up to support the story of your performance, so dress up if you want to look the part, and want the part!
  • You are not permitted (at round 1 auditions) to use specialist lighting or additional ambience materials such as a fog/bubble machine. The finals will be using all elements of professional stage performer support including lighting, effects, sound customised for your performance professionally. 

Who will be judging the events? 

  • You will be performing in front of movie industry subject matter experts who do this as their living and have experience, the studio connections are looking for top talent, so bring your “A” game as this is the REAL THING!
  • Judges at the State-wide auditions will be representatives of the Action Star affiliates including ANIMA Film Studios, Action Star Entertainment, Stunt Academy, other Industry Affiliates and Celebrity Judges
  • At the FINALS in January 2018 you will also be introduced to our line-up of International Celebrity Judges (TBA…Shhh it’s a secret) 

Will we be given any coaching tips? 

  • If developing an action scene is quite new for you, we strongly suggest you keep following the Action Star Facebook page and the Action Star App for regular updates and coaching tips on how to act, what to consider in designing an action/fight scene, how to do basic stunts for safety. These may be very useful for you in the initial stages heading into round 1 auditions.
  • From the Action Star Semi-finals and onwards, all performers will receive specialised choreography training opportunities to assist in preparing for second round Semi-finals. These will be special “ACTION STAR WORKSHOPS” available only for registered Action Star competitors/performers where you will be taught tips and tricks of the trade from a world-renowned Action Choreographer.
  • We want and need to see you at your very best and you will have the opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge from the best in the business.
  • During the filming of the Reality TV series, in the lead up to the Finals (Sydney – January 2018) FINALISTS will attend a fast track Acting Course under the tutelage of a Film Director. You will also attend an intensive Stunt Training course (on the Gold Coast) under a stunt master. In addition to this you will receive Action choreography tuition from award winning action choreographer Trung Ly. Each of these specialists will also offer you coaching and you will also be offered additional coaching from specialist coaches to assist you to develop at your best. 

Can I film my performance? 

  • (NOTE: Auditions and Semi-finals ONLY) You or a family member or some of your supporters can film your performance if they don’t interfere with the professional teams whose job it is to film the events including some of the round 1 auditions.
  • (NOTE: Finals): As part of your agreement in registering for Action Star, nobody will be permitted to film any part of the Finals program and as part of your agreement, you will not be permitted to divulge that you have made the cut to be a Finalist in Action Star 2017.
  • You will be under contract to protect the integrity of the TV show and hold all result in CONFIDENCE until the show is aired on TV. (See performers release form)  

What does my registration fee cover? 

  • Your registration fee is part of an arrangement between Action Star Entertainment Pty Ltd and WMAC for use of their brand and facilities.
  • Some performers will have their registration fees waived due to additional production support by their agency or industry association.
  • Your registration fee will cover you and your team (team member names will need to be supplied prior to competition via their release form) for entry to all Action Star auditions, Semi-finals and Finals.
  • Your registration fee does NOT cover anyone else as part of your supporter group including anyone you request to run your music system, family members/entourage as they will be spectators….you’re not a Star YET! When you become a Star, you can bring an entourage. 

What can I win? 

  • There are prizes on offer for all competitors and the prize pool will grow throughout the season as we have several surprises supported by our sponsors in store as the season progresses.
  • Please review the ‘Prizes’ section under the ‘Competition’ page and remember to continually visit our Facebook page and the Action Star App for updates. 

If I win a Studio contract, what’s next? 

  • Those talented performers who are offered ANIMA Studio contracts (including the winner) will be contracted shortly following the Finals in January 2018.
  • As ANIMA Film Studios are working on many productions in any year, many of which are in foreign locations, you may be offered a role very quickly following the Action Star finals. Also, you may require additional direction and training for a particular role and as such you will be offered the role appropriate to your talents as they arise. ANIMA Studios as your Studio contractor may also offer you additional roles with some of their affiliate production houses in Australia or elsewhere.
  • You may also be asked to attend presentations, openings and offered other presenter styled roles for TV and modelling assignments as they develop through Kapow TV and their affiliates. 


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