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 is offering you the chance to break into the Action Movie/TV Industry via this unique Competition / TV Series

Action Star Entertainment gives you the opportunity to break into the action film and television industry. The opportunity is conducted as a competition/audition to find performers with the right talents. The winners of this event and many of the participants will receive recognition, great prizes and the opportunity of a lifetime to break into film with professional stunt training courses, acting / fight choroegraphy training and a movie studio contract. 

The Action film industry is crying out for new talent and is very keen to see what Australia has to offer, and this competition series is the vehicle to deliver new talent to the industry.

The aim of the Action Star series is to offer a launching pad for the Nation’s top new talent with specialist action and acting training to identify the industry's next Action Stars!

The competition series will also be produced into a reality television series so your audience can share the excitement you experience as you prepare and compete at selected audition events and the National finals in Sydney in December 2017

Win A Movie Studio Contact!

Winners will be offered a Movie Studio Contract

The 2017 Australian Titles (with Action Star Auditions) will be held 9th – 10th December 2017 Netball Central, Sydney Olympic Park NEW SOUTH WALES    Sydney Check-in : 8:30am • Start : 9:30am.


The first Australian competition was in in 2006 and was part of a global search for the next Jackie Chan / Jet Li. The competition / audition process drew candidates from 10 countries taking the top 18 from around the globe to join the top 18 in China. Winners were offered a Hollowood Movie contract.
Funded by Shenzen TV and CC TV from China with a US$3million budget it became a top rating TV Series with a viewership of over 300 million. Graham Slater was responsble for the Australia leg and ran the competition in Melbourne although contestants came from all over the country. China provided the film crew alongside Graham's crew to capture the amazing moves of Australian talent. Three Aussies won the top prize of beng sent to China for the Global Competition and in the running for the Holloywood film contracts. 

'Well Graham is 2016 Action Star different / better than 2006?' Its hard to compare the Action Star then to now. The main different in the 2006 version was more focus on the entertainment value by using the contestants to act as performers in various regions of China. After months of touring and many live performances the top three winners were announced. Our new competition will be continuously evolving to show competitors what is really required to work in the industry and train them to work in it. We have laid it all out and made the pathway much easier. The 2016 version has much more on offer in my opinion as it is more focused on Australians and the prizes are much more relevant.



WMAC was founded in 2007 in Australia by Peter Mylonas, Shihan of Kempo Ryu International Karate Organisation. The Australian national arm of WMAC (AMAC – the Australian Martial Arts Championships) had already been established in 1995, and had been a popular and successful annual event.

Initially, AMAC was the National Championships for Kempo Ryu, based in Sydney, Australia. This event was attended by all styles of Martial Arts and was one of Australia’s fastest growing events.

In 2007 AMAC became a National Circuit and WMAC was formed as the parent body, both for AMAC and any other countries that would like to develop their own Martial Arts Championships (xMAC) circuit.

In 2007 Shihan Mylonas invited Shihan Doug Turnbull (IFK Kyokushin) to join the WMAC team – they had shared many years of friendship in the Martial Arts world and it was deemed right for the two to work on a worthy cause such as WMAC.

Both teams of Shihan Mylonas and Shihan Turnbull became involved to ensure the growth of WMAC. 


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