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MIKAYLA BRADY                             JARED ABBOTT                                          JOHN GILL                                STEPHANIE BIVIANO 

Action Star Winner John Gill 2016.

John Gill is the Current World Self Defense champion ( International Rules) and Winner of thirteen World Martial Arts Championships (all over 18 yrs Blackbelt divisions) and a winner of numerous Australian and USA Martial Arts championships including winner of 1998 American Blackbelt championships (korean self defense division) , 1999 and 2000 USA Nationals Self defense championship winner,  winner of two events in the 2015 Winter Internationals self defense (over 18yrs Blackbelt)and korean forms division (Masters division).

John Gill is an 13 times world Self Defense champion, a 7th Dan Blackbelt and a Master instructor in Taekwondo and Hapkido. Master Gill offers regular classes, Corporate workshops , weekend Motivational and Empowerment retreats and an online learning system in Self Defense ,Taekwondo and Hapkido.
Visit www.selfdefenselessonsonline.com  
Email admin@martialmotivation.com  for enquiries and bookings information.

John Gill also won the Action star competition in December 2016 which guarantees a minimum 18 month movie contract with Anima Studios.

He is also an International Motivational speaker and 7th  Dan Blackbelt and Master instructor in Taekwondo and Hapkido (Taught and graded by Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee 9th Dan in Hapkido (KHF) and Taekwondo (WTF). Toured East coast of Australia teaching workshops with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace in 1999,

Find out how you can WIN A MOVIE CONTRACT (Anima Studios). Other prizes include Professional Stunt Training (Stunt Academy - Gold Coast / Australia - Hollywood - LA / USA), Acting / Fight Choreography Training (Anima Studios / Trung Ly). Partnering with Kapow TV (Video Production / TV Series) World Martial Arts Championships - WMAC (The Competition Platform / Infrastructure), Martial Arts Australia (Insurance / Marketing) brought to you by Action Star Entertainment - Australia.

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