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This is the right page if you want to follow your dream and audition for a Movie Role. This of course is just part of the journey as everyone becomes part of the Reality TV Series and the winners receive acting and stunt training, movie studio contract and the ultimate prize, a trip to Hollywood.

Please read all the information here, fill out the form, make payment and download the other documents (waiver / agreement forms to secure your commitment to availability). The film industry requires you to fully understand your legal rights and obligations when entering into an audition, tv program and or a movie role. This is to protect all parties and introduces new film industry workers into the contractual arrangements that they must undertake to get roles.


Deed of Release Indemnity and Personal Risk - Action Star(10.4.17)


Performer Release Form (10.4.17)


  Location Release Form (10.4.17) - Action Star   

 Down below is the actual registration form for anyone entering the competition / audition process.

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