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About Graham Slater - Producer, Host, Martial Arts Master & Business Mentor

Graham Slater is equally comfortable performing in front of the Shaolin Temple Head Abbott Shi Yongxin as he is working the red carpet with the action movie stars like Cynthia Rothrock, Silvio Simac, Don Wilson and Art Camacho to name a few.

Graham Slater has and always will, play many roles in the martial arts world.  He started out like many students other martial artists not knowing where it would take him or where he will eventually end up. As founder of a number of innovative projects such as Kapow TV, Martial Arts TV, iMartial Arts TV, The Martial Arts Channel, the Karate Alliance, Martial Arts Alliance, Martial Arts Australia and his own system of martial arts Reikijitsukai you can be sure they will not be the last things. Graham Slater started his martial arts training in England in 1973 inspired by Bruce Lee and the need to defend against the ever increasing violence by gang warfare on the streets of Liverpool, UK. He started by learning from books and soon tracked down a Goju Karate school to train at before taking up Kyokushin when he emigrated to Australia in 1975. He has since trained in numerous styles over the past 42 years in Australia broadening his perspective on the value of all disciplines.


With USA Martial Arts TV Partners Danny and Theresa Zaino photo shoot and at the Alan Goldberg Hall of Honors Awards Night with fellow inductee Dana Stamos of the DOJO Directory.

Graham is best known for his innovative vision and passion to break down the barriers of styles so all instructors can train and learn from each other. Having travelled to many countries both training and teaching his focus has been on exchanging ideas and learning as much as he could from each style he encountered. He now heads the largest association in Australia, Martial Arts Australia / International Martial Arts Alliance that works with over 3000s clubs throughout Australia and overseas.


Graham's current coach Sensei Stan Schmidt (JKA Karate) Pioneer - The Interactive Martial Arts TV Team Karolina, Jackson and Jess - Hanshi Tino Cenerano (Goju Karate) Pioneer.

He has always had an interest in filming and started capturing martial arts footage in the early 1980s launching his own TV series in 2006 called Interactive Martial Arts broadcast on C31 Melbourne becoming an instant hit. He has since gone on to producing numerous TV shows / documentaries and instructional videos and has been one of the pioneers to making available live broadcasting for martial arts events across the internet.

Learn more about Graham's training histroy at Martial Arts Australia



DR WALLS SPEAKING TO GRAHAM SLATER FROM AUSTRALIA - Intervied at the Martial Arts Expo, Atlantic City USA



Graham Slater Action Showreel 2009






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