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Trung Ly - Fight Director

Trung Ly wears many hats including teaching martial arts and co-ordinating fight choreagraphy for many in Australia productions around the globe.

Martial Arts Practitioner Trung Ly was part of a non-profit organisation Dong Tam Association for over 20 years helping and teaching young Vietnamese Australians their the culture and the martial arts ways in which honor, respect and righteousness is the essence of the culture. He transformed the Dong Tam Lion Dance school into one of the largest Vietnamese Lion Dance groups in the south west region of Sydney. He is the founder of Dong Thanh Alliance Martial Arts centre based in Chipping Norton N.S.W. The school has been described as "A catalyst for cultural diversity that brings traditional development and modern techniques to the table".

Fight Choreographer/ Action Director In 2013 Trung Ly as a fight choreographer team up with Maria Tran and Adrian Castro made a action comedy short called Enter The Dojo, Gaffa and followed by award winning Hit Girls which won 2 Action On Film Festival awards in L.A. Ly went on to make 2 films with director Antony Szeto Fist Of The Dragon and Death Mist as a fight action choreographer and action camera operator.


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