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Anima Studios "Your Spirit Lives"


Anima Studios is an Australia film production company and studio established on 31st July 2015. Its film production studio is headquartered in Australia.

The films produced by Anima will entail multi-lingual films wherein the dialogue, plot and character will entail a variety of nations. Specified to that culture.

The Studio also has a special comprehensive training academy that structures around individual talents to help them find and fit their skills in the film industry through practical training.


Our Mission Statement 

To build / nurture good character.

* Good character in reality: must use both heart and mind (not one or the other) - strong willed, determined, hard-working, responsible and truthful to themselves. * Good character in stories: characters must be rich, unique and diverse.

No film will be made merely for the profit it will create. The characters form the heart of the story and the actors must be capable of capturing that heart. The story must be solid before production. The single pursuit of stardom and popularity is not tolerated and will be immediately dismissed. 


* Keen to learn and understand all types of creative expression

 * Courage to dream of ideas and expressions

* Strength to voice those ideas 

* Resourcefulness to make ideas a reality

* Listening and helping others with others ideas

Originality and creativity must be nurtured and guided, not dictated, but always with the fulcrum of good character as an anchor. Enshrined within the Animas (every student or employee) must first and foremost be of good character, strong-willed, determined, hard working responsible and truthful to themselves. They must not lack heart. [Despite the abstract concept it is important to have in as it will be the fulcrum to the shift in space and time].
Anima Studios would prefer to be contacted via Kapow TV for the Action Star Project.



Trung Ly Showreel - Anima Star



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