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TV Production: The Reality TV production follows the journey of competitors entering the Action Star competition from being a potential to a reality.

The Series is focused around the competition, the performers who enter the competition along with the other personalities who are involved. These include the action choreographer, the performer’s coach, family and resulting interactions which develop the performers into characters the TV audience can relate to and follow as the season builds and the performers develop into ‘stars’.

Production elements: Each episode will incorporate many elements to bring variety via character and program development. These elements include the competition performances, coaching and choreography preparations, interpersonal interactions with family, coaches, other performers and audience members as well as interviews (formal), selfie styled grabs from personal portable devices, backstage grabs, behind the scenes and character developing “Challenges” which have been fabricated to capture reactions.

Importantly, the focus for the TV series is on demonstrating the overall development of the eventual winners from a ‘nobody’ into what makes a good Action Star. As such the series, will highlight and champion the development of individuals as performers by incorporating the elements of their development, not only as characters for the audience, moreover as professional, likeable individuals who the audience will champion and want to follow well beyond the actual Action Star series. Accordingly, the series must demonstrate integrity in design and avoid developing into melodrama.

7 Part Series: The TV show itself will be run as a 7-part series distributed through multiple networks around the globe maximising the exposure of everyone involved in the production.

Advertising opportunities are available from product placement to multiple flat / animated / video media across all our networks and alliances. We currently still have some ground floor opportunities for those brands / companies that see where we are heading.

The series will be created in association with our partners: 

Martial Arts Australia - Peak Industry Body

Martial Arts Insurance

Kapow TV

Stunt Academy - Colin Handley

World Martial Arts Championships - Peter Mylonas & Glenn Coxon

Ainima Studios – Jeanne Gon

Entourage Media – Michael Tran



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