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We are looking for people / companies to work with!

Action Star Entertainment works with a number of companies / brands as all parties gain benefits. The Action Star Project is not a new thing and there will be many versions of it in the future. We however have created a unique TV format that has quickly gained momentum. We showcase new talent, taking them on a journey of development and deliver them the ultimate prize.

We capture every moment of the Top 12 Finalist (7 Part TV Series) as they live in (8 days – Hollywood Style Mansion) journey, the drama, the excitement, the disappointments and their success.

By reading through our website you will see our current affiliations that gain brand exposure to drive more consumers to their businesses.

Our Partners provide integral elements that are essential in the success of each series. This of course allows us to allocate more resources to the production of the series and offer greater prizes to attract the best talent.

We have completed the initial auditions and about to start the 8 Day Challenges before the Live Stage Production in March 2018. You have a great opportunity to obtain a lot of exposure at the Live Stage Grand Final along with immediate website, social media and other video teasers. You will still gain fantastic exposure after this event but it will be in the post event website, social media, teasers and then the TV Series.

What are we looking for!
TV Program – Distributors (we already have agreements in place but these are not exclusive).
Company Sponsors – Telcos, Health / Sports Drinks, Supplements, Toiletries, Sports Wear, Fashion Wear, Perfume, Watches, Airlines, Hotel Chains, Restaurants and Cars for example. If you feel you have a product / brand that would be a good fit to a sporting / action star / glamour / model theme, contact us today.

What are we offering in return!
*Naming rights for each Action Star Series
*In front of camera – guest judge handing out prizes
*Primary slots for dedicated advertising in each show (15sec – 30 sec)
*Watermark branding on selected vision
*Logos in Live Stage Events – Introductions – Inclusion to Silver Service Banquet
*Landing pages / links on all our websites (including selected partners)
*Social Media post inclusions
*Direct marketing (newsletters) with logo / story / special offer included – our database

Contact us if you would like to discuss working with Action Star Entertainment


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